Why Use Bing Ads: Adding to Your Advertising Aptitude

By Chloe Mark | August 2015

You may be asking, why use Bing Ads, when Google is a clear leader in the field of paid online advertising? We want to point out some of the benefits of using this less-optimized but very worthy tool. 


5 Reasons to Consider Bing Ads:

1. Two-for-One: Knowing their tough competition with Google, Bing and Yahoo! decided to join forces. Now when you sign up for an ad in either network, you automatically place on the other's results page as well.

2. Competition: Yes, Google may have the lead in search engine popularity, but this can actually benefit Yahoo! Bing customers. With the lower amount of ad campaigns, when someone uses this search engine instead of Google, there is a greater likelihood that their ad will have good placement on the first page than if it was a Google Ad. Search Engine Land discusses a client who did a campaign on both search engines; on the search results of Google there were 11 other ads besides their own while on Yahoo! Bing there was only one. They also demonstrate with the numbers below how additional sources of ad campaigns can generate revenue. This specific campaign invested $200 and gained close about $4,300, a fair amount if it takes minimal effort to setup and manage.

comparison-of-adwords3. Lower CPC: Because it is less competitive, the cost per click decreases. In fact, according to Search Engine Land's report,

CPC for Bing was 42% less than Google's. 

4. Specified Audience: Since the majority of people search with Google as their default, the audience of Yahoo! Bing is more specific. Looking at the statistics like those from a study in Data Analytics, users can see what industries their searchers come from, and edit their ads to target a certain buyer persona - you can do this through reading about how to Know Your Audience. You can also learn more about searcher behavior in "The Silent Hand of SEO" and how to "Target Your Market" with Google trends. 

5. Exclusive Outreach: Besides this additional insight into your audience, you also have the ability to reach an audience that doesn't even use Google. The industries below are some of the examples of potential clients that opt for the Yahoo Bing Network over Google. bing_audience
*Bonus - You get a head start. If Bing Yahoo! continues to grow, you could be a leader in the tool and know the nuances before other companies even have their account started.

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