A Discussion of Evolution in an Uncertain Time

By Ilia Jones | October 2020

"Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time."
Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

While it seems like everything can be argued in these tumultuous times, there is no doubt that we are in a time of change. Change is really the only constant we can count on, so we think this idea of evolution is worth exploring. 

So much so in fact, that we made it one of our core values. Evolution, along with service, craftsmanship, harmony, and happiness make up the values that keep the ArcStone train pushing forward. 

Evolution. The word has many different meanings, but for our purposes, it denotes the shifts and changes that occur in order to make space and allow for a more holistic, effective, and cohesive environment. More specifically, we value the act of being open and willing to evolve in order to make our office, and our world, a better place. 

Wildly relevant in this world of polarized views on traditionalism and progressivism don't you think? We think so too. 

For this very reason, we invite you to join us for a virtual Happy(our) on the topic of, you guessed it, evolution. We'll be joined by a panel of thought-provoking and inspiring leaders in our community to have a well-rounded conversation on the topic. 

Join us Thursday, November 5th at 4:30pm CST. 

Learn more about this event, our sponsors and incredible panelists here.




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