WannaCry, SEO vs. PPC & 2017 design trends – Monday Digital Marketing Recap

By Chloe Mark | May 2017

3 of the top posts the week – offering you insight on the latest in digital marketing, technology and design. Trending now: WannaCry takes over the outdated PC's of the world, how SEO and PPC are best as a pair for your strategy and the top web design trends that have come to be in 2017. 


"WannaCry — The largest ransom-ware infection in History"

You may have heard that there were one or two or millions of unhappy campers this last weekend due to a ransom-ware attack. It mainly impacted Microsoft users, but in the end, it rose to the top of attacks in terms of impact. Learn how this happened and how to avoid future attacks for yourself. 


Image source: Comae Technologies


"SEO vs. PPC: Pros, cons & an integrated approach"

Which investment fits your business' needs? SEO, PPC or a combination of both? Understanding the good and bad in each and how they work together could be just what you need to imporve your searchability. organic-vs-paid-search-strategy

Image source: Search Engine Land


"8 Design trends taking over 2017"

Seems like just yesterday that we were making predictions about what the web design trends would be come 2017. Now it's happening – what trends have actually come to fruition? 

2017-design-trendsImage source: Media Temple

Topics: Digital, Digital Marketing

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