5 Easy Ways to Keep Things Fresh and be Happy at Work

By Lisa Hirst Carnes | November 2022

A person holding a smiley face at their work desk.

Does this sound familiar?

You wake up, brush the sleep out of your eyes, change into your comfiest loungewear, grab some coffee, and fire up your computer. Then you do it again, again, and again. 

With so many of us working from home (at least some of the time), work days can feel a little “groundhog day-esque.” 

This day-in, day-out sameness is not only difficult for people who crave novelty, it can be detrimental to our productivity. According to research by Frontiers in Psychology, recurring novelty at work may serve as an ‘in vivo’ intervention that counteracts the effects of low job complexity. In other words, novelty shakes things up. 

Novelty in the type of work you do, your approach, decisions you make, how you work and more contribute to your satisfaction. Plus, novelty triggers excitement and energy, making our work feel interesting.

So, how can you keep things fresh and novel in today’s work-from-home culture?

Start with your space

If you work from your desk and chair at home, switch it up. Try rearranging your space, working in a different room, listening to music, or working from a coffee shop. Even a little change can make a big difference.

Adjust your rituals

You may not call them “rituals” but we all have daily routines. Rituals sounds a lot better than routines, right? If your rituals become too routine, days can start blending together. If this sounds familiar, try switching up your routine. Begin your day with a walk, get up early and work out with a friend. If you always drink coffee, try a new beverage. 

Laugh every day

Humor is a powerful secret weapon we all have access to. A good laugh offers compelling benefits from reducing stress, improving your mood and immune system, plus, it feels pretty good. Positivity strategist, Paul Osincup, theorizes that humor is the new mindfulness. And, happier employees are more productive. 

Connect IRL

It can feel isolating to be at home day after day. Let’s face it, even your dog or cat is sick of seeing you hunched over your computer. Make a point to connect with co-workers and team members in real life. If this isn’t possible, consider joining a networking organization or group that shares similar interests

Practice gratitude

It’s easy to get set into a routine where everything feels like a grind. A good way to shake out of a funk is to be thankful. This may sound simple but it works. In fact, an article by the American Psychological Association reports that gratitude builds resilience, helping us cope and handle stressors
It’s easy to get into a rut when you’re working from home (or at an office). Fortunately, there are things you can do to freshen things up. 

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