Content Writing Hacks for Busy People

By Joli Skow | July 2014

Content Writing Hacks for Busy People

The world, these days, is obsessed with "hacks" that somehow make life simpler, processes quicker, and people generally happier. They are running rampant on the Internet (just open Pinterest and you'll see what I mean). I'm going to hop on this gravy train for a moment here and give you busy people of the world some quick content writing hacks in order to keep your website fresh and your marketing team on your good side.

1. Write down questions

Have sales people or support staff? Both clients/customers and prospects have questions, and they're asking your staff daily. That's a daily content gold mine! Have your staff write down the questions they hear, and fire off a quick blog post about them. Chances are, if one person wants to know, so do other people. Oi' la! Content.

2. Keep a feedly or

One of the easiest ways to create fresh content is to share someone else's great content. Don't want to spend your day searching the 'net for appropriate content? Create a or a feedly account that pulls in content from multiple sources that you're most likely to find something to share on. For instance, if you're a software company, perhaps you'd pull in TechCrunch, Microsoft, Mashable, and other tech companies that regularly publish content that would be interesting for your audience. Check your or feedly on a daily basis. When you find something you'd like to share, write about why it's interesting, introduce it in your blog post, maybe throw in a block quote, then link out to the article. Done!

3. Reuse

Don't have time to write something new? Just build on something you've already posted. Look back at last year's posts and look for something to update, build upon, or review. Don't copy paste your entire old post - just sum it up then write your update.

4. Human interest

As humans, we're interested in stories about other humans. Keep in mind that not every post on your blog should be about your product or service. Use it to introduce readers to your company! Give your company a face; make it human. Write about your company picnic, the trinkets on so-and-so's desk, your internal projects, any community involvement you're taking part in, employee profiles…anything that springs to mind. You can even post about things on the web you find interesting that aren't even directly related to your product or service (just don't go too crazy with this one).

5. Use your team

Get more people within your company to blog. Those that are interacting with customers or behind the scenes will have different perspectives and different knowledge sets, giving your blog some variety. Have a sales or help desk employee write about a particular customer problem they were able to solve, or have a behind-the-scenes person write about the technicalities powering your product or service. You can even incentivize your employees to get them started in adding content to your site.

So there you have it! Five content writing hacks to keep your site updated and fresh for both the search engines AND your site visitors.

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