Announcing "Sketch" - an ArcStone Open-Source WordPress Project

By Patrick Noonan | April 2014

Attn: Wordpress application developers and SOLID enthusiasts.

I'm pleased to announce a little open source project we've been working on to speed Wordpress development along here at ArcStone. It's called "Sketch" - and it's a small framework for building moderately complex Wordpress applications. Feel free to poke around the repo, fork it, contribute to it, or trash-talk it (seriously, constructive criticism is very welcome).

What gets me excited about Sketch is that it allows Wordpress developers to take advantage of some of the best features modern PHP has to offer. Sketch uses Laravel's IoC container and Composer autoloading to put SOLID, testable, MVC / object-oriented application design well within your reach.


Sketch is especially well-suited for Wordpress installations that lack command-line access. Its default production dependencies are kept purposefully small so that you don't need to sweat having them under version control if you need to. There's not much more I can say that you wouldn't be able to find better explained over on the actual docs, so I'll leave it there.

Try Sketch

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