6 Tips to Make Your Blog More Professional

By Youa | March 2014


Whether you may be an advanced blogger or just starting out, having a professional-looking blog is important. Details are what can lead to more views and more readers on your page. Don't know where to start? We put together six tips to help make your blog more appealing to the professional eye.

1. Color - Find two or three colors that complement each other for your blog. Veer away from black backgrounds, because they are difficult to read. White backgrounds are best, and white will give your blog a clean, professional look. Example: a black background with red text is not a good idea.

2. Fonts - Use the same font in your blog or narrow it down to two primary fonts. Too many different font styles and sizes will create a scattered feeling. Always use black or dark grey for text color in your posts.

Use regular default fonts (Helvetica, New Times Roman, Arial) for your posts. Try and stay away from the really funky, curvy fonts. It might appeal to you, but those fonts may show up differently on other computers.

3. An easy, clean layout - When you are searching for your blog's layout, strive for an easy and clean layout. Space your widgets, buttons, ads, etc. evenly and clearly. Do not overlap or cram them into too small of a space. Always be aware of the size of your entire blog. Readers will not want to scroll left/right because the blog is too wide.

Use a memorable header image. Try designing one or hire someone to make one for you. Again, be aware of the size, and include your blog name and your tag line or just a little sentence of what your blog is about.

Check to see what is above the fold on your homepage; this is something that is often overlooked. Your readers should be able to see the header, pages, and your landing post at a glance. If you have to scroll down to see the first post, the header is too large. Try to also make your tab text/date header smaller to fit more above the fold.

4. Have your own domain name - The easiest way to make your blog have a professional impression is to buy your domain name. Example: instead of "http://example.wordpress.com" you will now have: "http://www.example.com. This will also make it easier for people to remember your URL.

5. Contact and social media information - This is essential for any blog. Make sure contact information is available for anyone should they want to get ahold of you. Include your email in your "About Me/Contact" page. Wordpress makes it easy by allowing the owner to have a contact form. Social media icon buttons with the links to your profiles can be embedded; this allows people to follow on social media platforms with one simple click.

6. Grammar and spelling - Grammar and spelling are obvious, but it's always a good rule to triple check your posts for errors. Small errors may be the first thing to turn off a company who is considering hiring you. If you represent yourself with bad grammar and spelling, why would a company want you to promote them with your errors? Always, always, always: go back and re-read your post before publishing.

Have fun and happy blogging.

Topics: Design and Technology, Business