Tips for Reposting a Blog Post

By Youa | February 2014

Coming up with new content is far more difficult than it may seem. There are some daily blogs that always have original content, while others simply churn what is already out there. That is perfectly fine if you are adding some personal insight to the subject, but there are rules and etiquette when doing so. Here are a few pointers when publishing content that is not yours.

Photo via Thinkstock Photos

Photo via Thinkstock Photos

  • Never repost the whole article without permission from the author. Taking someone's content without permission is considered theft. Just because is on the internet, does not mean that it's a free-for-all. Even if you link back, you can be penalized by search engines for having the same content. The best way to repost is to simply ask. Email them and be specific in why you would like to share their post. You will find that most are willing to share what they have to say.
  • Note your text from theirs. Make sure to use blockquotes or italics to note what is your content and what belongs to the original author.
  • Don't use more than two paragraphs of the original content. Use the text that resonated the most with you or best embodies what you are trying to say.
  • Link back. The rule is to make sure that you state in your piece that the source came from elsewhere and to always hyperlink. Post your source and cite it at the bottom of the article. You can also note to "Read more."
  • Trackbacks and hat tips are good ways of saying thanks. Traffic to your site will bring traffic back to the original site. A hat tip is a simple gesture as a thank you, and a trackback is a comment on the initial post. WordPress allows you to manually enter a trackback for every link you insert in a post to a news site or blog.

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