What's the "one thing" that'll make your website awesome? There isn't one.

By Joli Skow | January 2014

The "one thing" that'll make your website awesome

It was a Tuesday evening. I was perusing my Twitter feed, which is often full of links to articles about the world of web marketing and SEO. Everyone tries to make their article stand out with a unique or attention-grabbing title, and one in particular caught my eye; although not necessarily for the right reasons.

I don't remember exactly what the title was, but it went something like this: "The One Top Secret Strategy for an Awesome Website". Upon reading the article, I learned that this "secret strategy" was SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

No "One Thing" for Awesomeness

The problem I had with the article is this: Although there were some fantastic points in it as to how important SEO is, as much as you might wish or hope that there's a quick, magic formula to website success, there is NO "one thing" that will make your website awesome by itself.

Imagine your website as the hub of a wheel. In order to work, a wheel must have spokes. No matter which spokes you take out or leave in, the wheel won't work right without them all. It's the same for your website. Some of the spokes you need are:

  • A user-friendly design
  • Visual appeal
  • A clean, error-free user experience
  • Speed
  • A framework that allows for easy updates
  • On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Updated, compelling content

Of course, there are still many magical things about web marketing and SEO that can and should be done on a continuous basis after a website is launched, but without the rest of the spokes, SEO by itself will not be as fruitful. Design, development and marketing are all necessities that work together to create a great website.

Achieving Website Greatness

This is one of the reasons why working with us at ArcStone is a "magical" experience (if I can toot my own horn for a moment). We're not just good at one of those 3 necessities - we're experts at all three, plus hosting! There's no calling one company for design, then finding another for development, and yet another for marketing. Each department works closely with one another on your project. And that's the way we like it!

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