About ArcStone

Our core values — Service, Craftsmanship, Evolution, Harmony, and Happiness — guide us. They serve as our North Star, guiding our choices and driving us to do great work.

We Are Driven By


Helping People

Provide the best service we possibly can, act as a partner to our customers and to each other. Know that we are acting as stewards and that others trust us with their business and livelihood. We achieve these aims by being honest, respectful, and proactive — following through on our commitments and doing our best to help others succeed.

Spirit of Service: Compassion, Kindness, Consideration of Others, Strength, Doing the Right Thing

Mind Body Solutions

Service - Mind Body Solutions

Skillful Execution

We consistently create and provide outstanding work — products and services judged excellent by our peers.

Spirit of Craftsmanship: Excellence, Efficiency, Grace, Beauty, Nailing It


Embracing Change

Realize that constant fast-paced change is part of our business. We know that taking risks, making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes (and successes) is a vital part of staying engaged and participating in our industry. We are adaptable and ably respond to change. We take advantage of new conditions to better serve our customers, families, and selves.

Spirit of Evolution: Learning, Growing, Ending Things That Need Ending, Taking Risks, Trying It, Beautiful Destruction, Hacker Ethos


Artful Collaboration

Working in harmony with others is a foundational aspect of a meaningful life. Done right, it turns work into play. Effective, respectful, joyful and sometimes messy — we value creative tension and artful resolution.

Spirit of Harmony: Cooperation, Creative Tension, Artful Resolution, Getting Things Done Together, High Fives, Team Spirit

Friends School Kids

Harmony - Friends School Kids

Enabling Good

We create an engaged, conscious work environment in which people can live a balanced life, flexibly handle the demands of work and family, learn, grow, have fun, and be happy.

Spirit of Happiness: Laughter, Satisfaction, Fulfillment, Delight, Positive Vibes / Energy, Smile, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love

Our Team

Aaron Martin

Aaron Martin

Business Development Representative
AJ Neihaus, Project Manager / Event Producer

AJ Niehaus

Project Manager / Event Producer

Chris Kostelec

Senior Designer/Developer
Dan Olson

Dan Olson

Director of Business Development & Digital Strategist
Davendra Raghubir

Davendra Raghubir

AMO Product Manager & DevOps Engineer
David Carnes

David Carnes

CEO, Founder
Eileen Noonan

Eileen Noonan

Senior Developer
elin enrooth headshot

Elin Enrooth

Digital Marketing Strategist
Ellen K. Lawless

Ellen K. Lawless


Haley Harms

Jae Baldizzi

Jae Baldizzi

Project Manager / Digital Marketer
John Fischer

John Fischer

Senior Application Developer
John Kyllonen

John Kyllonen

Senior Front-End & WordPress Developer
Jonathan Surdo

Jonathan Surdo

Marketing Analyst & Technical SEO Specialist
Laura Hansel

Laura Hansel

Project Manager & HR Specialist
Lisa Hirst Carnes

Lisa Hirst Carnes

COO, Founder

Matt Knipschield

Director of Technical Operations
Michael Sasorith

Michael Sasorith

Lead Designer

Nick Longtin

Senior Strategist
Sam Ketcham, Social Media Specialist

Sam Ketcham

Social Media Specialist


Chief Barking Officer
David & Lisa Carnes

A Message FromDavid & Lisa

Dear ArcStone Friends and Family,

Thanks for visiting ArcStone. We’re glad you’re here.

In 1997, we had a dream to take what we had learned as internet pioneers, working for online startups in the mid-1990s, and start our own business. We wanted to create an environment that felt like family. A place where our customers and employees are treated fairly, can take on new challenges, and actually look forward to working together.

Since then, we’ve continued to evolve. We’re more committed than ever to nurturing our company to be one that helps, supports, and contributes to our customers, our employees, and to the greater good.

You could say, our mission is to help you achieve yours. That DNA runs deep at ArcStone.

In Community,
David & Lisa