Google penalizing ads (again), retargeting mid-funnel leads & innovative ways to attract new leads

By Chloe Mark | June 2017

People are growing impatient: from ads to email campaigns and the overall way you reach out to them, old tactics are showing fewer results. These three posts point out changes in the digital marketing space and what you should know as you start out your marketing week.


"Google Strikes Another Blow to Intrusive Ads: Here's What You Need to Know"

"Last Monday, Google announced that it would further crack down on websites that feature intrusive ads..." They're not doing away with ads completely as they recognize the importance of this as a money generator. However, they are changing ad standards to maintain higher-quality, less-intrusive ads. 

Image source: Hubspot


"How to Retarget the Middle of the Funnel in an Increasingly Form-less World"

Forms aren't what they used to be. People are tired of email and are especially tired of handing over their address to you. How can you still get the middle-funnel leads to come to fruition? Use some of the tactics from Kissmetrics. 

Image source: Kissmetrics
  • Tailored video: one that fully illustrated the product and was full of audience-specific inside jokes
  • A giveaway: of something that the audience actually wanted
  • Fake users: filling up the space with fake content until real users did
  • Gamification: changing the product so there was greater reward the more often it was used
  • Starting local: a strong core can do more than people realize. Starting simple and building from there is the way to go
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